Great minds do not think alike.
Thinly disguised geeks, maybe, but we’re an unusually well-balanced group.

Scientific minds that bang out unbreakable strategies and give our creative work a reason for being.

Frighteningly creative writers, graphic designers and art directors.

Account execs who not only pay attention, they actually give a damn. (Otherwise, we’d run them out of town.)

Proofreaders and statistics people who triple check like that high school teacher who wore one blazer your entire senior year.

What we care about,
what we live for,
is the next idea that blows it away.

Meet the Creatives
Traci Jones,  Founder & Creative Director
Bret Eastman,  Digital Director
Andrea Robbins,  Marketing Strategist & Project Manager
Noelle Abarelli,  Marketing Strategist & Copywriter
Deb Weddelman,  Designer & Production Artist
Paul Mack,  Architect
Linda Jones,  Proofreader
Studio Six is a design and branding company comprised of independent creatives.